Fifty Nifty Literary States

Though it is a list based on popularity over quality, it was fun to go through and see how many I have read (16) and get some ideas for future reads.

The Most Famous Book That Takes Place in Every State

Stay tuned for new reviews this week! Including a childhood classic, what I think should be a contemporary classic, and my first YA review!



New Year, New Books, New Blog (well, not really)! Oh my!

Happy New Year, everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have been loyal followers – it’s been quite a learning experience on many levels, and your support has been a force that kept me going.

Secondly, some 55 in 52 news:

  • Posts will occur regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays (with an extra now and then)
  • I will be including more non-review posts (essays, interviews, links, etc)
  • 55in52 is now on Twitter!
  • 2017 Book List is now posted
  • As I learned last year, sometimes certain books aren’t going to work out (it’s not them, it’s me), therefore I shall allow myself the ability to shuffle some around if need be. But, I will not allow myself to ability to shuffle as many as I did in 2016.

See y’all on Wednesday!

With love and prose,



Well, folks, it’s crunch time!

Since I got a bit (A LOT) behind in the fall, I have to make up for lost time now. I’m still on track to complete my goal (thank God for holidays and long weekends), but I will have to post a review (sometimes 2) every day between now and the 31st. So, I apologize in advance for blowing up your inboxes.

This blog started out as a year long experiment, and over the past 12 months I have completely fallen in love with it and all of you, my faithful followers. Therefore I am pleased to announce that it will become a permanent fixture in my life.

Come January 1st I will reveal my new list and some positive changes as to how the blog will be run.

For now, I must get back to my books!

With love and prose,


A Note

I realize I have been MIA for the month of October. Fortunately, it was due to being sidetracked with passions and adventures. 

One of the biggest challenges with starting this blog has been trying to find a good rhythm and balance. I am striving to do a better job in that department as we enter the final stretch for this year. 

New reviews will be posted starting this evening. 

Happy Reading!

1,000 Things to Say About My Aunt

I am very lucky to have grown up around many strong-willed, intelligent, creative women; so as I was desperately seeking inspiration and ways to challenge myself in 2016 it didn’t take me long to think of my aunt, Susan Goldfein. 

Susan has had a passion for writing through much of her life, and upon retirement decided to indulge that passion (and talent). About 6 years ago she started a blog of essays (originally titled 1,000 Things to Say Before I Die, now called An Unfiltered Wit); tackling everything from married life, to pop culture, to her dogs and all that’s in between with a sharp sense of humor and unique insight. Once Susan had accumulated a significant number of essays, and a numerous loyal and appreciative following (1,000 and counting) clamoring for more, she published her collection of essay’s in a book entitled How Old Am I in Dog Years which has subsequently received various accolades.

Speaking as one of 12 winners of the Delray Beach Library Author’s Showcase in January, Susan awed me with her accomplishments and the ease with which she was able to command the audience. Her pithy, whimsical observations had us all laughing out loud.  

I was so proud, moved, inspired by her fearlessness. It is Susan who gave me the courage to break out of my comfort zone, start my own blog and run with it as far as I can.

Creating and challenging myself to complete a book list was one thing, but, having the courage to put my opinions and writing out there was anxiety provoking. Susan, you are a large part of why I started this challenge, and the main reason I haven’t given up. Let’s make a deal: as long as you keep going, so will I.

Follow Susan’s blog: An Unfiltered Wit

Purchase her book on Amazon: How Old Am I in Dog Years

Accolades include:
Independent Publishers Awards (IPPY Award): Silver Award in the humor category
Featured author in The Transition Network’s national online newsletter
Delray Beach Library Author’s Showcase