It all fades away

I see you in old churches

     Tea kettles

          And used book stores

Glimpses of the road not taken

       It catches in my chest

      And all 



I breathe through the time

through the what ifs

and never weres


             “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”

One more breathe and it’s gone

      I’d hold it in until I turn blue

But a dog barks

     a cashier says “next”

          a jogger wakes me with a sudden rush of air

And it all fades away

     Until the next time I see an old church

and I’m captured in a moment 

     that never was

          With you


A Note…

While I am on track with my reading, I have become wildly and embarrassingly behind on my reviews.

My 2017 reviews will definitely spill into 2018, but I am working on getting them out as quickly and frequently as possible! (AKA I will be invading your inboxes over the next couple of weeks),

My 2018 list and 2017 recap will be posted on the 1st.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year, everyone!

Happy reading,


New Year, New Books, New Blog (well, not really)! Oh my!

Happy New Year, everyone!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have been loyal followers – it’s been quite a learning experience on many levels, and your support has been a force that kept me going.

Secondly, some 55 in 52 news:

  • Posts will occur regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays (with an extra now and then)
  • I will be including more non-review posts (essays, interviews, links, etc)
  • 55in52 is now on Twitter!
  • 2017 Book List is now posted
  • As I learned last year, sometimes certain books aren’t going to work out (it’s not them, it’s me), therefore I shall allow myself the ability to shuffle some around if need be. But, I will not allow myself to ability to shuffle as many as I did in 2016.

See y’all on Wednesday!

With love and prose,



Well, folks, it’s crunch time!

Since I got a bit (A LOT) behind in the fall, I have to make up for lost time now. I’m still on track to complete my goal (thank God for holidays and long weekends), but I will have to post a review (sometimes 2) every day between now and the 31st. So, I apologize in advance for blowing up your inboxes.

This blog started out as a year long experiment, and over the past 12 months I have completely fallen in love with it and all of you, my faithful followers. Therefore I am pleased to announce that it will become a permanent fixture in my life.

Come January 1st I will reveal my new list and some positive changes as to how the blog will be run.

For now, I must get back to my books!

With love and prose,