REVIEW: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll, a controversial and colorful character himself, creates a vivid and trippy world in his upside-down fairy tale travels with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Down the rabbit hole we go, bumping into unforgettable creatures along the way; staples of many a childhood. A journey through the unknown, promoting individuality and exploration of imagination.

At the center though, is a brat.

While in full support of Carroll cranking up the imagery and spirit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he could have cranked down the precociousness of his leading lady. Alice has the common “too smart for her own good” air popular among children’s lit; but it goes from charming to obnoxious faster than you can say, “Drink me.”

Alice is pretty much the original millennial (or at least the media idea of what millennials are…which they generally aren’t, but we will leave that for another day and a different blog); and while the idea of continuing on adventures with Lewis Carroll is appealing, I’d prefer Alice stay home for the rest.


Rating: 3.5 Mad Tea Parties



REVIEW: Tuesdays with Morrie

Morrie Schwartz was a beautiful human. One of those rare lights we should all be so lucky to come bath in over the course of our lifetime. A light which brings universal wisdom, patience, and compassion for all. His interviews with Ted Koppel moved and inspired me, I can’t recommend watching them enough. Unfortunately, my job here isn’t to review Morrie Schwartz as a person, it’s to review the writing that immortalized him. Sadly, that writing doesn’t do Mr. Schwartz the justice he deserved.

Mitch Albom is not a good writer. His writing is amateurish, saccharin, and self-indulgent. I first expressed my thoughts on the matter when I didn’t recommend The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I had higher hopes for Tuesdays with Morrie due to the subject matter; but Albom disappoints again.

The fact is, Tuesdays with Morrie is more about Mitch than our titular hero; this is a fact that would be bothersome even if the memoir was written by a talented word smith.  While, yes, we are getting to know Morrie through the eyes of a former student, it is Morrie who brings the goods and touches our souls; it is Morrie who would probably be the first to tell Mr. Albom to put his own ego aside.

It is clear why Tuesdays with Morrie is so widely read: Morrie Schwartz is one in a million; but, the messenger who brought him to international light does not deserve the amount of credit he has received.

Is Tuesdays with Morrie worth reading? For sure, there is something to be gained from Morrie’s heart by all. Should one then go on to read anything else Mitch Albom wrote? No.


Rating: 3 Motivational Tuesdays

REVIEW: Nine Coaches Waiting

Mary Stewart masterfully tackles suspense and Gothic romance in Nine Coaches Waiting. 

With the spunk and poise of Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and the mysterious flare of du Maurier’s Rebecca, Stewart engages the reader from page 1. 

Our heroine, Linda, enters a suspenseful world as governess for the Valmy family. The fullness of Linda’s character – her compassion, wit, and curiosity – takes the reader on a layered journey and leaves you wanting more.

Stewart is an expert in her field, walking the tightrope balancing act of love and mystery. Nine Coaches Waiting is a must read for this genre’s lovers, and highly recommended to all others.


Rating: 4 Coaches Waiting