REVIEW: No Country for Old Men

In 2016 I reviewed Comrac McCarthy’s The Road and was left on the fence regarding his writing style (though I did admit the novel ended up staying with me and on reflection, he deserved a higher rating).  For 2017 I tackled McCarthy again with No Country for Old Men to see if I could come to a definitive conclusion on his style. I didn’t. But…
No Country for Old Men is a more enjoyable read, with a smoother flow than The Road, containing whip-smart dialogue making it obvious why the Coen Brother’s turned No Country into an award winning film. McCarthy’s writing in general is visual in nature, he has a graphic, pictorial flare, which combines nicely with the gritty characters. 
The only beef I have with Cormack regarding No Country for Old Men is the amount of backstory given for Sheriff Bell (you may be familiar with him as Tommy Lee Jones). Each chapter begins with an inner monologue of Bell’s, and while it probably provided decent info when translating the novel to screen, the monologues don’t do much to serve the story, as they interrupt the flow of the main action.
I am continuing my way through McCormack’s works, he keeps me on the hook. No Country for Old Men is worth checking out for the dialogue alone, and, of course, McCormack’s brilliant villain, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem).
Rating: 3.5 Hideous Wigs

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