One of my favorite reads from 2016 was Carys Davies’ short story collection, The Redemption of Galen Pikea collection I have recommended to nearly everyone I know (why haven’t you read it yet?). Upon discovering Ms. Davies had a novella, West, hitting bookstores, I was excited and a little nervous – what if it didn’t live up to the brilliance of The Redemption of Galen Pike?

It did.

Carys Davies knows exactly how to tailor her work. In The Redemption… no story was too long or too short; each perfectly fit the tale. This strength of Davies’ is also evidenced in West. When the focus of any artistic endeavor is how to best relate the story, and not how to best show off, or be as experimental as possible, it raises the quality of everything involved – the skill, creativity, nuance, you name it. Carys Davies knows how to tell a story.

West is a perfect novella. Inspiring, and bittersweet – a story for dreamers and adventurers, a Don Quixote in a Coen Brother’s landscape. (Or, as my cousin describes it, Gatsby meets Cormac McCarthy). Carys Davies wins over, heart, mind, and soul, with her innate ability to seamlessly weave a tale.

Rating: 4.5 

Special thank you to R for introducing me to Carys Davies’ work.



3 thoughts on “REVIEW: West

  1. I thoroughy enjoyed the short stories and the novella. I still don’t get the Gatsby/McCarthy reference other than the setting being the old west. I do, however, get and appreciate your ‘Don Quixote in a Coen Brothers’ landscape comment.

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