Fifty Nifty Literary States

Though it is a list based on popularity over quality, it was fun to go through and see how many I have read (16) and get some ideas for future reads.

The Most Famous Book That Takes Place in Every State

Stay tuned for new reviews this week! Including a childhood classic, what I think should be a contemporary classic, and my first YA review!



One thought on “Fifty Nifty Literary States

  1. Well, I only read 5! Agree with your comment that it’s largely a popularity contest (media driven), the true classic here IMHO is Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Sadly, Arkansas would have been far better represented by Charles Portis’ True Grit, the book on which the 2 movie versons (both pretty good) are based; it’s a terrific read, and as you’d expect, has differences from the movies. As well, John Berendt’s Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil was an awesome read (in place of Gone With The Wind for Georgia), as good as the movie was, Berendt’s book towers…


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