There is something mesmerizing about Alessandro Baricco’s novella Silk. While not the most profound piece of literature, there is something soulful and dreamlike about its impact.

Silk is an easy, breezy, one-sitting read which transports the reader to another time and world via the vessel of an imperfect, romantic, and simple man. A sensual, but not overtly sexual tone adds an enticing layer to Baricco’s writing.

Mirroring the book, this is an easy, breezy review. Would it be one of the top books I recommend to everyone? Not necessarily; would depend on the person. Is there something about it which will stick with me over time? Most definitely.


Rating: 4 Silky Secrets


One thought on “REVIEW: Silk

  1. I haven’t read Silk yet, but I have read Without Blood and loved the story. I could see it as a movie and thought the writing was a screenplay waiting to happen.


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