REVIEW: Frankenstein

I have been looking forward to reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for quite some time. Unfortunately, I am sad to report I was a bit let down.

Although the general plot is quite beautiful, and the character of Frankenstein’s Monster entirely fascinating and unique, I was never able to get on board with Shelley’s style. Thus, I have mixed feelings regarding the novel. Additionally, I wasn’t sold on the intended take away from the novel. While the focus is on Frankenstein’s lesson learned, a stronger, and more interesting focus would be on what the reader takes away from the Monster’s experiences. Shelley also includes a lot of superfluous plot (and I don’t mean over descriptive writing, just flat out plot, so it doesn’t count as a redundant critique on my part!), taking away from the real meat of the novel.

The story is unique, but the flaws were a bit too distracting for me. It just wasn’t my cup of tea…just a half cup.


Rating: 3 Laboratory Mishaps


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