REVIEW: Leave it to Psmith

Leave it to Psmith is my first venture into the wonderful world of Wodehouse. And what a wonderful and wacky venture it has been.

Wodehouse captures all the things I love about British mysteries, minus the qualities I tend to dislike, augmented by a brilliant sense of farce.

I can’t say I’m surprised by Wodehouse’s abilities in this genre, though I’ve never read his work I have seen it translated on the screen (shout out to Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry for bringing Jeeves and Wooster to life), but I am so utterly impressed with how clean his execution is on all fronts.

The characters in Leave it to Psmith are well formed, quirky, and essential to the plot (methinks the Brits have a habit of adding extraneous characters to their mysteries); the story, though full of twists and sub-plots, never feels convoluted or contrived; and the humor is farce perfected (the physical comedy jumps off the page.)

It is a delight to know that a myriad of tales in which a bulk of these characters play out their inanity awaits me in the Psmith and Blandings Castle series. I am grateful to have finally entered the Wodehouse world.

Rating: 4 Diamond Necklaces


A Note

I realize I have been MIA for the month of October. Fortunately, it was due to being sidetracked with passions and adventures. 

One of the biggest challenges with starting this blog has been trying to find a good rhythm and balance. I am striving to do a better job in that department as we enter the final stretch for this year. 

New reviews will be posted starting this evening. 

Happy Reading!