It breaks my heart not to be entirely in love with Sylvia Plath’s poetry collection Ariel. The Bell Jar is one of my favorite novels, and what I’ve read of her journals is breathtakingly beautiful. This is not to say that Plath is an untalented poet, but this collection on the whole doesn’t speak to me in the way her prose does.

However, the poems that do speak to me. Wowza. “Lady Lazarus” is stunning (one of her more famous pieces for a reason), I am also a fan of “The Rival” and “Night Dances”.

It is a difficult and perhaps an unfair task to rate a poetry collection since poems are such personal pieces of art. So, my rating is based strictly on how it spoke to me, and not a blanket statement  of my opinions of Ms. Plath’s writing.


Rating: 3.5 Irretrievable Smiles



One thought on “REVIEW: Ariel

  1. I haven’t read anything by Plath – I will now read some of those poems to see if I can understand why they didn’t speak to you. Because, you know, I need to understand everything.

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