REVIEW: Cat’s Cradle

World. I’ve fallen in love with Kurt Vonnegut. I simply ate up Cat’s Cradle. It was fast-paced, well narrated, the perfect length, and filled with wonderful black humor. Every single character was wisely developed, and the plot swept me away on a journey making me think, “I  totally don’t get how I ended up here, but it makes perfect sense and I love it.” (Similar to my review of Shantytown by Aira).

Reading Cat’s Cradle and its interesting take on free will, and the relationship between man and technology prompted me to research Kurt’s (we are on a first name basis now…yes, I know he is no longer alive) inspiration behind writing the novel. My findings led me to fall even more in love with K, and to an eyeopening view of the grey areas in the field of research. I don’t want to give away any of the information I discovered, as it could take away from the plot of the book. But, y’all got Google, so I recommend checking it out for yourselves.

Kurt Vonnegut is almost at the Hemingway level in my pyramid of love. I cannot wait to read the rest of his works.

Rating: 4 Strings


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