REVIEW: The Sun Also Rises

I don’t know where to start. I truly am so in love with Ernest Hemingway, and that love continued to blossom while reading The Sun Also Rises.

Hemingway’s novels draw me into their plots so that I am experiencing the stories along with the characters. I wasn’t reading Jake Barnes’ narrative; I was living it. I tasted the alcohol, felt the loneliness and anger, fell in love, laughed through the lightness, endured the heat of Spain, and allowed my heart to break.

Hemingway’s writing is simple, and clean. His characters vivid and clear. No one else captures the true essence of love and lust in such a realistic and unadulterated manner. No one else has the ability to knock the wind out of the reader with a last line like Hemingway can. I felt nothing but pure joy while reading The Sun Also Rises, and absolute heartache when it ended.

The story of Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley will be one that resides within my heart for a lifetime. I am distraught knowing that I will never be able to experience their story for the first time again, but I will revisit them frequently over time.

Rating: 5 Bottles of Wine


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Sun Also Rises

  1. Once again here is evidence that we swim in the same gene pool. Our book club was due to read a “classic” novel and Larry and I recommended “The Sun Also Rises,” which is Hemingway’s first novel and considered by many to be his best. So we are reading it and will be discussing it in June. I may quote you at our meeting.

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  2. Most def one of his best (the little novelette, The Old Man And The Sea is #1 for me) and, while I’m not as high on Hemingway as you, I did read his entire ouevre, so it speaks volumes as to how readable his work was. Even read The Hemingway Papers, a collection of about 75 of his articles from his days as a reporter for the Toronto Star…

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